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Canyon Forest Village
Tusayan, AZ

A Unique Answer to Overcrowding and Preservation of a National Treasure and a World Heritage Site.

Canyon Forest Village is a 272-acre gateway community outside Grand Canyon National Park that is designed to enhance the visitors' experience and at the same time ease overcrowding within the Park.

The model sustainable gateway community is contingent on the U.S. Forest Service approval of a land exchange that would swap 2,200 acres of forest land for the acreage adjacent to the existing area of Tusayan.

Canyon Forest Village will include lodging for visitors, a youth hostel, retail shops, affordable housing for local area employees and community services such as a school site, medical clinic site, day care center and fire and police substations.

The Village has extended the opportunity to each of the nine Colorado Plateau Native American tribal communities to partner with it in development of two other key elements--a Native American Marketplace and Insight, a new education and orientation campus planned and operated by the Museum of Northern Arizona. Three key tribes--the Hopis, Havasupais and Navajos--have taken tribal or committee votes in support of the project.

The project has gained the strong support of nine national environmental groups and one of the strongest national leaders in the environmental movement, former U.S. Interior Secretary Stewart Udall.

Water and energy use will be reduced substantially with the use of a number of conservation practices in the development. They will include maximum use of water-conserving fixtures, such as faucets and toilets, extensive gray water reuse, water harvesting, water-efficient landscaping, use of alternative energy systems (solar or fuel cells) for 10 percent of power requirement and a constructed wetlands. The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is being applied to all buildings within the project, and the Council recently selected the project as a national pilot demonstration project.

In addition, an Environmental Preservation Trust Entity will be funded by 1 percent of gross revenues from Canyon Forest Village, approximately $1.2 million annually, to advance environmental enhancements to the area.

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